Welcome – Our History

The idea came to blog about this crazy journey of building our home, so my partner and I could look back and see how far we have come together. 

It all started in 2013 when we found a property we were interested in purchasing. It was a beautiful townhouse that had 3 bedrooms and a small backyard that overlooked a lake in a busy suburb. It was perfect for our first home however I had decided that I wanted to move interstate to continue my studies, so we decided against purchasing at that time. 

2014 we moved interstate and learnt to live with each other. We loved living interstate and learnt a lot about each other and ourselves, our apartment was close to everything including the beach, CBD, Uni and most importantly IKEA. We decided that when returned to our home state we would purchase immediately.  

Twelve months on and we were back in Melbourne looking at display homes to build our dream home. Our aim was to purchase a block of land that followed the following criteria – 

  1. Affordable 
  2. Inner City (Max 25-30 min from CBD)
  3. Larger in size

This proved difficult. We found many blocks that were either way out of our budget, too far away or the size of a shoe box. It was at that point we started looking at established inner city homes. 
We searched for 12 months going to home opens and auctions every weekend with no luck. Units and town houses were selling for above what we were willing to spend on our first home. Many times were were so close to sealing a sale then bang someone would come in with a better offer. I’d almost given up on buying or building and thought “let’s just rent”, however I knew we would struggle to continue saving and didn’t want to get into the rent trap. 

We thought about building again, back to square one, and decided to take a look at a few display villages in the western suburbs of Melbourne. It was at this point we decided we would proceed to build, we could choose our own colours and get what we wanted and liked from the beginning. We searched and found a few hous plans that we liked but again no land in areas where we thought we could live. They were either too far away, had power boxes on the land, power lines overhead or hand confusing roads to get to them. 

It was at that point I asked my partner to head over to the new Woodlea estate in Rockbank. The estate is approx 35-40 min away from the Melbourne CBD and 5 min away from the Rockbank train station. Still a little further than what we had hoped, however better than what we could find. The second visit to he sales office (My first) and we bought a block! 

So this is where our journey begins.. Follow us as we ‘Build Our Dream Home’. 


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